Tinnitus, Auditory Knowledge and the Arts

Exhibition Announcement -The Hidden Noise: Tinnitus and Art

We are delighted to announce an exhibition of work by commissioned artists Fern Thomas and Nina Thomas, who are set to transform our warehouse into a multi-layered exploration of their shared experiences of tinnitus, hosted by OVADA.

Location: Ovada Warehouse, 14a Osney Lane, Oxford, OX1 1NJ
Open: 8-31 October 2021, Thursdays – Saturdays, 12pm – 6pm
Preview: Thursday 7 October 2021, 4pm – 8pm

The Hidden Noise: Tinnitus and Art (poster) 08 - 31 October 2021
The Hidden Noise: Tinnitus and Art (poster) 08 – 31 October 2021

Through the mediums of installation, moving image, and artist publication, Nina Thomas’ work explores the relationship between loss, memory, and tinnitus. Her project draws on her personal experience of developing tinnitus following a sudden hearing loss. Also drawing from her lived experience of tinnitus, artist Fern Thomas explores a speculative world where humans become receivers of the invisible frequencies transmitted by natural phenomena. From the singing of stars to the sucking of sea water through stones, the work seeks out experiencing these inner sounds as something meaningful.

Tinnitus, Auditory Knowledge, and the Arts
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