Tinnitus, Auditory Knowledge and the Arts

Workshop activity: Keeping Score

This activity involved translating the sound of tinnitus into a ‘word-sound’ that is then used to create a visual score or sound recording. The activity responses give some insight into how the sound of tinnitus can vary.


Please note: the following sound recordings contain audio representations of the sound or feeling of tinnitus. These sounds might be unpleasant for some listeners, including some people with tinnitus. Each recording has an accompanying text description that gives more information about the sounds that can be heard.

A person making vocal sounds: starting low, becoming higher and then holding a mid-range sustained note that fades out towards the end


A person making a soft, sustained ‘chhh’ sound


A person making a high pitched ‘ssssss’ sound with their voice

Visual scores:

(click image to view)

Tinnitus, Auditory Knowledge, and the Arts
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